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Need quick turnaround on your display without sacrificing quality? Astro Display specializes in short runs and fast deliveries while still providing the top quality display products you expect. In addition, we can handle larger runs both domestically or with the assistance of our trusted overseas resources.

Whether you know exactly what you need, or are looking for expert assistance with a custom design, we offer the experience, expertise and fabrication capabilities to fulfill all your retail display requirements. Browse these pages or give us a call to learn why Astro Display has become the go-to choice for thousands of premier U.S. retailers across a broad range of industries.

Products Include

Whether you’re selling in grocery stores, drug stores, automotive supply or similar retailers, we can achieve an efficient display solution that meets your specific needs.

Floor Standing Displays

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Floor standing displays provide maximum visibility and increase customer engagement while allowing you to update your display and brand messages regularly. Our eye-catching designs can help attract and motivate shoppers to buy. We can fabricate custom displays from a myriad of core materials while incorporating selected features to increase sales and visibility.

Table Top/Counter Displays

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Let us provide the convenience and portability of table top displays to help showcase your wares for easy viewing when space is limited. Astro Display offers a wide selection of table top visual merchandising techniques that are customizable and designed to complement your promotional marketing strategy.

Store Fixtures

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Because store fixtures are one of your most important vehicles for presenting your products to customers, we build attractive and functional check-out counters, metal, wood plastic and glass display cases, media display racks, glass and plastic cube systems and much more. If you can visualize it, chances are we can fabricate it.

Wall Mounted

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Our semi-permanent display solutions can be mounted or anchored to a wall or structural support. They can provide stability, security and visibility, and include low-profile designs that don’t impede traffic flow. Many of our designs provide the additional functionality and flexibility you need to display a wide variety of product sizes and shapes.

Magnetic Merchandising

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Use our magnetic display accessories to maximize unused space and increase signage and product visibility on window frames, walls and columns. Ideal for smaller, POP impulse items, our eye-catching offerings include magnetic spinner racks, magnetic pegboards and magnetic sign holders that strategically position your products to help move your brand to the front of the pack. As your product offering change, magnetic display systems offer unmatched flexibility when it comes to on-the-spot modifications and fresh layouts.

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Industries Served:

Auto Parts



Consumer Electronics


Tactical products



Pet Supplies


Hobby & Crafts


Sporting Goods

Clothing Accessory

Small Appliances

Office Supplies

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NEW – Plastic Protective Barriers

Help protect your customers and your employees from Covid-19/Coronavirus by installing plastic protective barriers in your restaurant or store. We offer several styles of dividers and partitions, and we have the capabilities to custom design personal protective barriers in any size or shape.

Protective Barriers in a Bar

Protective Barriers for a Checkout Counter

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